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What people have to say about their experience…

"omg ??? I loved it soo much. You capture the most perfect of moments, my goodness we had fun thank you ?"

Sandy and Ben

"Louise this was the most amazing day. I can’t thank you enough. I was blown away with your patience and empathy. Let’s face it 3 Jack Russells and a German Shep pup we’re a tad over the top!

I seriously can’t wait to see all the photos! This one just captures the genuine souls of both my boys. This experience was so much more than I hoped for and we loved it! Xxxx"

Sue, Toby and Wildfire

"They are perfect! So much more than I imagined, they’re so beautiful I can’t believe they’re the horses in my paddock ?"

Casey, Pom and Dusty

"Louise is nothing short of amazing with her beautiful creative gift to capture the specialist of moments. 

She has such amazing insights to picture a truly spectacular shot and an awesome ability to direct which makes for a beautiful relaxed shoot for both human and horses!

She understands horses beautifully to keep everyone enjoying every moment of a shoot making it such a fun and joyful experience. Highly recommend Louise!!?????"

Kim and Yardan


"?I enjoyed everything about working with Louise. She is courteous, a great communicator and an outstanding photographer. For once in a lifetime photos capturing your special relationship with your horse, contact Louse and let the magic unfold. ?"

Jeanette, Pepsi and Ella

"I absolutely love the photos!!!! They are amazing, all the thought and care into the packaging, has made me feel so special. I cannot put into words how perfect they have come out! Thank you again for such an amazing experience and beautiful photos I can look back on."

Lexi and Sarah


"We couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you for the whole project concept of bringing awareness to headspace and capturing some truly amazing and gorgeous pictures that will forever be treasured. Lexi also thanks you for her gift, she was very excited ! Xx"

Mum Mena and Alexia with Little Joe – The Sweet Teen Project

"I am stoked with the photos Louise took of me and my brat of a horse, Riley. Louise was patient and the whole experience was fun and relaxed, despite my horse being a bit of a handful. It was a great experience overall, including going to her studio to see all of the photos, and the beautiful packaging the final product came in."

Kristy and Riley

Women's Equine Portraiture

"Louise is not only an amazing and talented photographer she is a kind and personable soul that is a pleasure to work with ❤️"

Mum Tamara and Frankie with Dixie

"Louise gave me the most beautiful gift of memories….beautiful creative photos that i will cherish of my 2 beautiful horses. i cant thank her enough . the photo shoot was fun and the results speak for themselves. louise has an uncanny eye for light and depth in photos. I would reccomend anyone who wants a stunning animal family photo… to use Louise. thank you again. I love my photos"

Kerrie and BJ

"Just finnished my shoot with Louise. wow.. what a woman. made me feel so comfortable and natural. I cannot wait to view my photos I already know they're AMAZING. an aweosme fun morning !!! Thanks so much" 

Jess and Rocket

"Louise provided hours of pure joy, full of happiness capturing beautiful memories to have & cherish forever.
Anyone who owns & loves horses should definitely let Louise work her magic with her photography to capture their own memories ?."

Karen and Cody

"Imagination, creativity, patience and talent to create you a photo memory to last forever ♡"

Mum Shanyn – Jaimee and Gusty

"Our photoshoot with Matilda and Gypsy was not only a fun and relaxed shoot for Matilda but an experience she got to share with her pony that will always be remembered. The pictures turned out beautiful and having horses all my life I know how important that first pony is and now Matilda has these keep sake's for the rest of her life to look back on. The pictures showed her personality with kisses, cheeky smiles and the freedom for her to choose what she wanted to wear. I highly recommend Louise as not only is the end result such a high standard but her humour and gentle nature makes the whole process a breeze."

Kristy, Matilda and Gypsy

"As a birthday gift from my family I was given a voucher for a photo shoot for my horse and I with Louise. At first I was both excited and nervous as I am rarely in front of the camera preferring to be the one taking the photos. But I did not need to worry as from the very first contact with Louise she put me right at ease. We arranged a date and location for the photo shoot. On the day of the shoot I was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing. Louise arrived and instantly put me at ease reassuring me that myself and my horse looked fantastic. We chatted as we walked around my property and I relaxed a little more. Once Louise started taking photos it even became fun. Louise has the perfect knack for making you feel comfortable and for getting the best photos. I had such an enjoyable experience during the photo session that time just whizzed by. When it came to looking at the photos and seeing the magic Louise created it was truly an amazing experience. The hardest part was choosing the right photo for the enlargement as they were all so good!

Even now when I look at the photos I still have the sense of fun that I felt during the session.would totally recommend anyone thinking of getting it done to go ahead and do so. You won’t regret the experience or the wonderful memories created by the very talented Louise. Beck Harmsworth"

Beck and Artie 

"I can't even explain how amazed I was with the photo shoot that I had with Louise. It was one of the most special things I could ever have hoped to do with Barry (my horse). Talk about feeling awkward!! Louise helped me feel at ease & at the same time was totally clear about what she needed me to do. The result was a set of images that blew me away. Thank you Louise,  I now have a set of memories that will be cherished forever."

Keren and Barry

"I recently had a winter photo session with Louise (I'm not going to say shoot cause the idea of that makes me uncomfortable) and well my experience with Louise was far from uncomfortable. We had a lot of fun a lot of laughs and came out with some truly beautiful keepsake photographs. Louise is very easy to work with even in you are a bit nervous or your horse is not being at all cooperative in front of the lens. It's a great chance to look beautiful,  feel beautiful, BE beautiful and have the most stunning photo of yourself to keep forever.  A must do, Louise really captures the love affair we have with our horses. Big Thumbs up highly recommended."

Kate and Scout

"We have had two photo sessions with Louise. I was nervous in the beginning as I didn't know what to expect, but upon Louise's arrival we immediately were put at ease. She brings with her a relaxed, easygoing, fun attitude. The results were stunning, she captured the relationship between my daughter and her mare, and my mares temperament beautifully. I highly recommend Louise Sedgman photography, her work is amazing,  and she is passionate and dedicated to producing a high standard of photography."
Alicia, Sophie and Dess


"Anyone thinking of capturing the love and bond felt between yourself and your horse, Louise is the one! 
Getting that perfect picture can seem stressful,  but Louise instantly makes you feel at ease. 
Her passion for horses, and people is so easily seen by anyone that meets her, nothing was ever an issue and she left no stone unturned. 
Looking back now at my photo shoot, I know that Louise helped me show that spark, and the love I feel when I'm with my horse to everyone that sees the photos. And we can forever cherish these moments And memories.
I would like to thanks Louise for her endless efforts, and wish her all the best for the future."
Bonnie and Sandman


"My dream was to have just one beautiful photo of me and my horse. Months turned into years because I was always waiting for the right time, when I was thinner, when my hair was different, waiting for that day that I would look like those gorgeous 18 year old country girls. I was petrified of being in front of the camera I always hid behind it taking the photos so no photos could be taken of me. So worried about having a photo taken that I even got to the point where I wondered if my image could be Photoshopped to make one of those amazing photos I collected over the years of women and their horses that I loved so much. My Old Mate Bundy started getting cast and I knew time was running out and I had to stop making up excuses and procrastinating so I booked a session with Louise. I remember saying, “look, you probably won’t even get one decent photo, I am not photogenic at all, and I’m over weight and I’m not one of those stunning young girls that just appear like dream out of a Hollywood movie, I explained my horses are out of control at times and they still have a bit of their winter coat and weren’t looking the best and I went on and on. It’s a wonder she even said yes, there was a part of me that was hoping she would. I figured I needed all the help I could get so I booked the hair and make-up artist she recommended, which by the way was super fun even for me whose idea of looking good is a washed face and a pony tail shoved in a hat.

The day of the photoshoot Louise made me feel so comfortable and it felt like an old friend had come for a visit. She was very calm and relaxed even when my horses where not being so compliant and we had quite a few laughs on the way. She was extremely professional and just had a knack of knowing when I was starting to feel awkward or uncomfortable and quickly gave me direction so I didn’t feel like a sitting duck. I never imagined I’d actually enjoy the session so much. When she left I remember saying to her, I had such a great day but please don’t be upset if you don’t get any good photos of me, I never take a good photo and honestly at that point I didn’t care too much as I did have such a fun day.

So did I end up with that ONE photo of me and my horse? Did I finally get that photo of me looking like that stunning 18 year old cow girl from Texas that stepped out of a first grade Hollywood movie. No, of course not! Ha Ha Ha I got better than that! Unable to decide on just one photo I ended up purchasing them all! And they are all me, with my personality, and most importantly they all show perfectly my connection and love I have with my horses.

Louise is a truly talented, professional lady with patience and humour. A calmness to soothe even the most nervous and a knack of making what could be an awkward moment full fun. She is great with horses too! She truly understands the connection women have with their horses and what these magnificent creatures mean to us and captures it so beautifully. She sees that special moment and with that one click, she captures it forever.

Stop procrastinating and waiting until you loose that weight, until you horse is looking a million dollars, until the you’re looking better, until the perfect day comes I promise, you will thoroughly enjoy time with Louise and get those magical photos that stops time for that one moment forever.

Sadly Bundy passed away moths later and I now have so many beautiful memories of us together hanging on my wall which I would not have had if it wasn’t for Louise. My gorgeous Apache Spirit on the other hand is more spirited than ever and now I am working on my riding so we can get Louise back for another photoshoot but with me riding him, YAY! Maybe I’ll get one of those beautiful beach photos……or not ha ha ha"

Loana, Apache Spirit and Bundy


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