'Old Friend' Sessions

Watching your horses become elderly can be heartbreaking! Your beloved equine has given you years of service and wonderful friendship, and the thought of saying goodbye one day rips youOld Chestnut Gelding with girl apart. But unfortunately, it happens. We hope never to be put in the position of watching our horse slowly decline or having to make the gut wrenching decision to have our horse p.t.s. It's one of the hardest decisions you might ever have to make. I know how that feels.  I also know how it feels to say goodbye knowing that all you have are the memories, but very few if any photos.

That's why I have created my 'Old Friend' photo experiences. And I'm offering them to you for FREE…with absolutely no session fee and priority booking, because you should have beautiful photos with your best friend! I will come to your home and photograph you both, so you can have special memories to remember the friendship, love and connection you share with your beautiful equine friend. Your session will be prioritized, I will make myself available for you.

Old Black MareThe photos we capture will be here waiting for you a week or so after our shoot together. In your own time, you can visit my studio or we can catch up via private zoom call, to choose your favorite photos and purchase them if you wish, with individual printed photographs starting at $338 and packages from $1478 up to $4978 with an easy payment plan available. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to buy.

Of course, these sessions are only available if your best friend is slowing down and showing their age, or your being faced with having to make that dreaded decision soon. Whether it be due to old-age or illness.

If I have to travel more than 50klm from home (Drouin) there will be a travel fee, but it will be as minimal as I can make it. 

Call me on 0412 942897 to chat and make your booking ♥

xxxx Louise

Palomino Gelding Old Horse on track