They say never to work with kids and animals!



They say never to work with kids and animals!

And like the crazy woman that I am, I work with both from time to time.

Usually I work with horses, but last weekend I had my 'Photographing babies and toddles workshop' on Saturday, then a special little 'Cake Smash' photo shoot with my cousins little girl on Sunday. Both were great in my opinion, but I must say, it is very hard to predict what the outcome will be when it comes to working with children, I think even more so than working with animals. Horses at least don't cry.

Saturday went off without a hitch. My clients rocked up and we went through all the camera settings and info on features and functions, tips on lighting, composition and how to communicate during a photo shoot with kids, and loads of other really useful stuff!

Then, the gorgeous Miss Grace arrived to be our special model for the afternoon shoot with her lovely and very obliging mummy. I had filled everyone in on the fact that sometimes babies don't cooperate and that we may only get a few photos if any. That we wouldn't have much time as they get tired quickly and that, at only 4 months old, she will be wide awake and aware and may be unsettled. Posing may be limited as she is not old enough to be sitting up yet, and she is two active to lie all curled up in the fetal position now.

So with the window light position considered and the props set up, Miss Grace was layed on the fluffy blanket on the floor on her tummy and the cutesi baby babble from us began as we coaxed her to look here and there, and to try to get a little smile if we could.

We took photos for the best part of an hour, changing Miss Grace's outfit from time to time, and all the while this gorgeous, happy little girl took it all in her stride. It was a lovely afternoon and we did manage to get some pretty pics of the beautiful Miss Grace after all!

SUNDAY however, was a little different. My cousin rocked up with his little princess 'Taylor'. She is a gorgeous baby girl of about 20 or so months old. Daddy had the cake, a giant cup cake with pale purple icing and pink and purple sprinkle's with a pretty blue ribbon. We headed off to a local park where I thought it would be fairly quiet………..Hooley Dooley was I wrong there. There were about 5 kids parties on the go. The joint was fairly buzzing!

Thankfully it is a pretty big park, so we headed down to a broad grassy area with minimal background stuff going on and picked our spot on the lawn. (The same spot that I had done a previous cake smash shoot with my daughter Emma, so I kinda knew how it would look).

I cleared the area of leaves and debris so the grass was clean, did a spot of gardening to remove a stalky weed that sticking up and decided on a suitable spot for the cake to sit. Meanwhile…….. the gorgeous Miss Taylor was having her pretty purple tutu put on.

She was a little grizzly at this point, but we persevered. I got into position on my tummy on the lawn and gave the cue for my cousin to pop her in front of the cake! Miss Taylor was not at all sure and proceeded to grizzle some more, but with a little enticing from daddy, decided that cake was in fact kinda ok.

We got some shots of Taylor trying the cake, but cautiously. She was not at all keen to hoe in like we wanted her to. Just like my Emma, she did not like the feeling of cake on her hands at all and bawled when it was smeared on her tummy. We laughed, she cried and it was pretty much all over red rover!

We then proceeded to eat the cake!

So I guess it just proves my opening line doesn't it really? heheheheheh!