You know what your horse means to you.

Sometimes it's hard to explain the relationship we have with our horses. Spiritual, magical, full of challenges and triumphs. We often share our deepest secrets with them. How can we love something so deeply. Go to the ends of the earth for them, only to be left with the heartache of losing them and we never know when that is going to happen. There should be more than a bag full of ribbons and a head full of memories to remember them, there should be photographs. Photographs that you can share stories over, cry over, smile over, chat with your grandchildren about and have in your home forever. A beautiful, meaningful photo shoot with your horse is exactly where some of those memories are made. 


Imagine this. You get to be pampered in your own home by my lovely hair and makeup stylist, all organised by me. You will look and feel incredible! Your photo shoot happens at home, or we can head out on location somewhere that suits you. The beach, the bush, anywhere you want. But your place is wonderful, it's your home where your favorite memories are and the moments we capture will be just that much more special.

I help you to create beautiful, special moments with your horse. It's fun, It's relaxed and most of all, you will be spending quality time with your best friend. A couple of weeks after your session, you will come to my studio in Drouin, where I will have a selection of 18 to 20 or so very special images with your heart horse to show you.


Your shoot fee is tailored to suit your needs based on your location and if you require hair and makeup (which I highly recommended as you deserve to be pampered). The session fee is $300 which includes travel fees (within 50klm of Drouin), hair and makeup styling, your photo shoot and photo reveal session in my Drouin studio. Additional fees may apply for long distance travel etc.

Photos are additional with individual, archival, beautifully matted 8 x 10 heirloom photographs ready to frame from $240 each.

Photo packages start at $1300 up to $4300 with my $2700 package being great value and the most popular by far. (Payment plans are avail in case you love the lot)

The only thing you need to supply on the day of your special photo shoot is an extra person to help me make your horse smile for the camera. A best friend is perfect for that 🙂

Its easy to book, just give me a call on 0412 942897 and we can chat. xoxo